Projects -

Environmental permitting and compliance

F&G Realty - Numerous Facilities Throughout CT
F & G Realty, and related entities, operate a number of solid waste facilities across Connecticut, including volume reduction facilities and recycling centers. In addition to the solid waste permitting and consulting services that we provide for these facilities, Anchor Engineering also provides stormwater permitting, design, and consulting services at these facilities. Our firm prepared and submitted stormwater general permit registrations, developed stormwater pollution prevention plans (SWPPPs), performed annual stormwater monitoring of representative precipitation/runoff events, completed semi-annual compliance inspections, and provided annual employee training in the goals of the SWPPPs. Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plans have been developed in accordance with EPA regulations and implemented at the facilities that meet the threshold criteria. Review of stormwater quality data and recommendations for pollution prevention (PP) measures and best management practices (BMPs) are provided for each facility.

Manchester Landfill - Manchester, CT
Anchor Engineering has been providing groundwater, surface water, leachate, and stormwater monitoring services to the Town of Manchester for over ten years. In 2002, we completed a hydrogeologic investigation of the landfill plume and prepared O&M/closure plans to secure new groundwater discharge and vertical expansion permits for the landfill to continue operations through at least 2012. We continue to perform the water quality monitoring program prepared by Anchor Engineering and approved by DEP. Each year, Anchor Engineering utilizes our engineering software to estimate the remaining capacity and life expectancy of this valuable resource to the Town of Manchester. Operational assistance, compliance inspections, long-term planning, and stormwater permitting and consulting are among the other services that we provide to the Town of Manchester at this site.

Plainfield Renewable Energy - Plainfield, CT
Plainfield Renewable Energy is actively pursuing the development and permitting of a 37.5 Megawatt biomass gasification power plant in Plainfield, Connecticut. Anchor Engineering has prepared DEP water diversion, DEP 401 water quality certificate, Army Corps of Engineers 404, and DEP solid waste permit application packages while assisting on Siting Council, air emissions and discharge permits for this complex project. We anticipate completing both the DEP stormwater general permits for the construction and operation (industrial discharge) of the facility. Permit applications have included evaluation of endangered and threatened species habitats, state and federal wetlands resources, alternatives analyses, environmental impact analyses, and mitigation plans.